About Us

Since our founding in 2005, CE2 Capital Partners has become one of the largest U.S. based investment managers focusing on the growing environmental commodities markets. Our mission is to generate attractive returns by investing in environmental markets such as those that accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollution or increase renewable energy generation.

We believe a secular change is occurring in how we think about the environmental effects of energy generation which in turn will drive significant changes in how consumers, corporations, and governments respond to a carbon-constrained and more environmentally conscious world. These changes will have a major impact on public health, the world economy, global climate and drive the need to develop sustainable and cleaner sources of energy.

The name CE2 stands for our vision of a future linking "clean energy + clean environment". Our logo, the agave plant, also known as the "Century Plant", is said to blossom once every one hundred years. Similarly, we believe that the environmental markets represent the opportunity of our century.

CE2 Capital Partners currently manages several investment vehicles for institutional investors and high net worth individuals dedicated to this theme.