Our Markets

Since the mid-1990s, when a federal cap and trade program for sulfur dioxide and regional pollutant trading first emerged in the United States, environmental markets have continued to expand as a market-based approach to solving large-scale environmental problems. Today, environmental markets are growing rapidly with traded value exceeding $100 billion in 2008. Carbon markets are expected to continue their expansion in the United States under a new Presidency and Congress, and globally under a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol. According to third-party estimates, global carbon emissions markets could reach several trillion dollars in traded value by 2020 along with billions of dollars in associated Project investment, putting them among the largest commodities markets in the world.

We are attracted by the growth and potential size of these markets, along with the characteristics that they share with other markets like those for power and natural gas which provided attractive investment opportunities as they developed from their nascent stage to their current scale.